Justin's Info
Age: 53 years, 8 months, and 13 days
Residence: Greater Grand Rapids
State: Michigan
Country: United States of America
Planet: Earth
Galaxy: Milky Way

I like to make websites

CalendarHome.com doSearch.com DawnAndJustin.com SimplyYesterday.com SeniorNeighbors.org
GREIU.org GreaterGR.com GRyellowpages.com GreaterOnlineMarketing.com PhilSiegel.com
DawnWhite.com WesternEP.com BerlinFair.com PanningFamilyBand.com justinWhite.com

  Hobbies & Recreation
You have to have Java!
Working Rubik's Cube - Use your mouse!

S - Scramble
R - Restore

Written by Karl Hornell.

My main hobby is web page programming. I have also enjoyed the creation of stand alone programs for PC compatibles. I now have a few programs that you can download. One is Big-Calc Ver 3.00 a giant calculator with a limit of 16,384 digits. The program includes a provision for multiplying two numbers as large as two billion digits.

Wish List

5 x 5 Rubiks Cube
          Programs I wrote before the net hit me:

Nomis: Similar to the electronic game SIMON.
Sixrings: is one of those puzzles that is easier to understand than to solve.
Life: Not the board game, the mathematical "game" invented by John Conway. I never released this, but the page is cool!

All our photos are now here:
3 x 4 Cube
3 x 5 Cube
Rubik's Rings
Rubik's Magic

  Other Links

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Only cool to me:
  1. Rubiks.com
  2. Largest Known Primes
  3. J*va on the Brain
  4. Remote control Etch-A-Sketch
  5. More Sketches
  6. And still more

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