Big-Calc is a giant calculator with a limit of 16,384 digits.

Big-Calc Features:
  1. Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide (of course)
  2. Square and Square Root
  3. Factorials
  4. Add a Series of Numbers
  5. Save Numbers to Disk
  6. Printing
  7. Ulam's Conjecture Testing
  8. Fibonnacci Sequence
  9. Programmability

Macros that come with Big-Calc:

  1. Help System
  2. y Root of x
  3. Decimal y Root of x
  4. Decimal x / y
  5. Mersenne Primality Test
  6. Perpetual Calendar (Years 1 - end of time)
  7. Show Multiplication

If you would like a free copy of Big-Calc, go here

All programs from this author are for MS-DOS or Windows Users only.
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