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Residence: Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan
Email address:
Age: 31


I created this banner for my wonderful wife Dawn.

My pages:


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  6. Eliza the computer psychiatrist?
  7. The skydive.
  8. Ludington Holiday Inn
  9. Tahquamenon Pictures
  10. Research and Development of Weight Count Standard Operating Procedure for Modern Thermoformed Product
  11. Time left on job
  12. Free Tahquamenon Wallpaper
  13. Word List - Huge list of English words.
  14. Big-Calc sample screens and calculations:
    1. Sample Screens
    2. Features
    3. Factorial 1000
    4. Square Root of Two
    5. Largest Known Prime Number Warning! Very Large Page!
    6. Largest Known Perfect Number Warning! Insanely Large Page!
  15. My Nomis Program
  16. My Sixrings Program
  17. My Life Program



Electronics, Collecting Puzzles (I have solved all of these puzzles, although I don't remember all of the solutions now.)

You have to have Java!
Working Rubik's Cube - Use your mouse!

S - Scramble
R - Restore

Written by Karl Hornell.

My main hobby is web page programming. I have also enjoyed the creation of stand alone programs for PC compatibles. I now have a few programs that you can download. One is Big-Calc Ver 3.00 which is a giant calculator with a limit of 16,384 digits. With it is a program which will multiply numbers as large as can be stored in one file.

Nomis: Similar to the electronic game SIMON.
Sixrings: is one of those puzzles that is easier to understand than to solve.
Life: Not the board game, the mathematical "game" invented by John Conway. It's not done yet, but you can see the screen shots if you want.

Other links:

  1. Dawn's Camaro Page
  4. 2Cool Animations
  5. Largest Known Primes

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